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Things I Wish Someone had Told Me When I was Learning How to Code

If you've read anything of mine, it's probably this article about coding culture, how it feels to learn code as a newcomer or outsider, and what kind of mindset is needed to get through the inevitable difficulties. It was informed by my own experience, but also by teaching new coders through Dames Making Games and observing where they tend to slip up and what kinds of beliefs are holding them back.

All Time Coloratura

If you're at all interested in opera, you might enjoy my opera blog, All Time Coloratura.


Do you need someone to give a talk to your class or round out your conference panel? I'm an experienced speaker on topics such as women in tech/games, building active and engaged tech communities, and introductions to programming and game development. Here are a few places I've spoken:

  • IndieCade East 2014: We Built a Community, So Can You (slides)
  • IndieCade 2013: panel, Game Design's Dark Matter with Tracy Fullerton, Colleen Macklin, and Michael Mateas.
  • FanExpo 2013: #1ReasonWhy panel with Yuliya Boublikova, Soha El-Sabaawi, Jonathan Lavallee, Michelle Lyons-McFarland, and Leisha-Marie Riddel.
  • GRAND 2013: panel, Women in Games with Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, Grace (of FUoS), Jen Jenson and Anita Sarkeesian.
  • DigiFest 2012: panel with Anna Anthropy, Alex Leitch, Jaime Woo, and Emma Westecott.
  • Feminism in Games 2013
  • Interactive Ontario's GameON: Finance Conference, January 2013
  • TIFF Nexus Women in Film, Games, and New Media Day, 2011

In the News

You can read about my and Jennie Faber's work with Dames Making Games in these news articles: