Cecily Carver


The majority of these games are small experiments, built in a day or two during game jams with Dames Making Games. I tend to favour beginner-oriented tools like Stencyl so that I can better teach them to others, but enjoy trying lots of different tools and styles. Here are a few I'm most proud of:

Adeline's Elopement

This game was my final project for the Difference Engine Initiative, a workshop run by TIFF Nexus in collaboration with the Hand Eye Society in Toronto to encourage more women to start making games. I started with the idea of a game in a Victorian setting and/or a game based on a novel. Since I’m a huge admirer of the Thief games, I decided to go with a stealth/escape game. During development (and after choosing the name “Adeline” for the protagonist), I came across an early 19th-century novel titled Adeline Mowbray, in which the title character does indeed elope. Despite the not-quite-correct time period of the novel, I decided to take the novel as my inspiration and many of the details are taken from the text.

Play it here.

Feed the Ducks

It always makes me happy to see ducks in a pond or a lake.

I made this on a Saturday afternoon in June 2013. It’s not intended to be a “game” (there’s no progress tracking, winning, or losing) so much as a simple interaction that creates a calming, contemplative feeling. I made the music with SoundPrism, a free iOS app.

Play it here.

The Playground

One of my favourite games is Ancient Domains of Mystery (or ADOM), a sprawling roguelike. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a “traditional” roguelike, so during the jam I followed along with this tutorial to make “The Playground.” It's written in Python.

The setting is a playground populated with toddlers and bullies, with whom you must compete for the scattered toys and candy. most of the kids are in a pretty vicious mood. There are also teachers roaming around, keeping the peace. If a teacher sees a child attacking another child, they’ll haul the offending youngster off the playground. This can work to either your advantage or detriment!

Learn more here.

The SummerWorks Adventure Game

The summer of 2013 I worked on this bit of interactivity for the always-innovative SummerWorks Theatre Festival, which showcases new theatrical works every summer in Toronto. The game, based on Toy Temp’s Euphrates, will suggest things for you to see, let you think about how to respond to various festival-related quandaries, and introduce the fest’s many venues via art by the talented Gillian Blekkenhorst. Much thanks to Jennie Faber (who made the whole thing look clean and pretty) and game music composer extraordinaire Maggie McLean (who made it sound pretty). 

Learn more here.

Company Loyalty

For the 2013 Dames Making Games 2-day game jam, Feb Fatale, I made “Company Loyalty.” 

Before switching my program to Computer Science, I was in business school (with vague plans to become an accountant) when the Enron/Arthur Andersen scandal unspooled, and the image of frantic document-shredding always stayed with me. In the game, you play a corporate type tasked with shredding incriminating documents before the auditor finds them. The layout of the documents/shredder is randomly generated each time. 

Play it here.